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Prince Hall Lodge No. 38
(formerly El Sol De Cuba No. 38)

Free and Accepted Masons

The lodges in the First Masonic District numbering among it's members several Spanish speaking brothers, P.M. Lafayette Marcus of Mt. Olive Lodge No. 2 conceived the idea for the establishment of a lodge, the work of which could be conducted in the Spanish Language. On June 26, 1880 P.M. Lafayette Marcus, Andrew N. Portos, John Johnson, Manuel R. Coronado, Abraham Seino, and Sexto Pozo of Mt. Olive Lodge No. 2 and Abony Brown of Celestial Lodge No. 3, presented a Petition to the Grand Lodge for a Dispensation to set up a Spanish speaking Lodge, to be named "EL SOL de CUBA" (The SUN of CUBA), and naming as their First Officers: Lafayette Marcus, Worshipful Master; Manuel R. Coronado, Senior Warden; and Sexto Pozo, Junior Warden. A dispensation was granted in June 1880, and on June 1, 1881 a Warrant was issued and the Lodge was numbered 38.

During the years 1891 - 1895, When the Spanish speaking colonials of Cuba and Puerto Rico were actively engaged in furthering their campaign for independence, the soil of the American States had already been dedicated to Liberty, EL SOL de CUBA no.38 was comprised of cubans who exercised the Esoteric Principles of Masonry and many brothers who lived far away from home, would find the Spanish speaking Lodge a haven of rest and comfort. At one time there were visiting brothers to EL SOL de CUBA from almost every Republic of South America and the exchange of fraternal greetings were cordial and pleasurable. The Lodge was unique in that all business and ritualistic work was conducted entirely in Spanish.

In the Year 1913, Brother Claudius E. Cyril, who was the Elected Master, suggested for the building of the Lodge a change in it's name and had the vigorous support of the Past Masters and Members. The members voted unanimously to rename the Lodge "PRINCE HALL" in honor and commemoration of our renowned Progenitor and Patron Saint. A Petition was made and on November 27, 1914, a Warrant was Granted by the Grand Lodge to Brother Claudius E. Cyril, Master; Brother Byron D. Allerton, Senior Warden; Brother David F. Sheppard, Junior Warden, with the lodge retaining its number.