Elected Officers

Bernard B. H. Bowman
Worshipful Master

Gregory Gattereau
Senior Warden

Frank D. Alston
Junior Warden

Past Master Jamal R. Ali

Past Master Nigel J. Cudjoe


Past Master Dontae Johnson 3 Year Trustee
Past Master Dontae Johnson 2 Year Trustee
Past Master M. Teah Wulah 1 Year Trustee

Appointed Officers

Past Master Paul W. James Assistant Secretary
Brother Reginald Marc Senior Deacon
Brother Jose Rosario Junior Deacon
Brother Miguel E. Ramos-Thomas Senior Master of Ceremonies
Brother William O. Perez Junior Master of Ceremonies
Brother Anthony Johnson Senior Steward
Brother Martin Sterling Junior Steward
Past Master Ivan Simpson Marshal
Past Master Raymond Riley Chaplain
Past Master Felix D. Rodriguez (66) Tiler
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